General information on cashing in

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What if I can't find my certificates - can I still cash in my Bonus Bonds?

Yes. You can cash in your Bonus Bonds if you don't have your certificates, either through MyBonusBonds or in person at an ANZ branch. If you're cashing in in person you'll need to bring appropriate identification and we'll ask you to sign a form stating that the certificates have been lost. We'll then update our records so that if the certificates are found at a later date they cannot be redeemed again.

If I cash in my Bonus Bonds, what is the last prize draw I am eligible to participate in?

You are still eligible for the prize draw for the month in which you cash in your Bonus Bonds. For example, if you cash in your Bonus Bonds on the fifth of February, your Bonus Bonds are still eligible for the February prize draw.

Why are certain Bonus Bonds not displayed for cashing in?

This is for the following reasons:

  • If the Bonus Bonds have been purchased through any channel in the last 4 business days, these are not able to be cashed in through MyBonusBonds until 4 business days have elapsed. However a cash in request for these Bonus Bonds may be made at an ANZ branch at any time.
  • If the funds used to purchase the Bonus Bonds have not been cleared.
  • If they are part of a bondholding that requires more than one person to approve a cash in.
  • If the Bonus Bonds have been recorded as stolen or have lending secured against them.

How will I know if my purchase or cash in has been processed?

When you next log on to MyBonusBonds, you'll receive a message to say that your request has been processed. You can also see the status of your transactions by clicking on 'My current transactions'.

What if my computer crashes while I'm purchasing or cashing in Bonus Bonds?

All your transactions made before the crash should have gone through, but if you want to make sure, restart your computer, log on to MyBonusBonds and click on 'My current transactions'. The status of any transaction you made through MyBonusBonds will show up, for example 'pending', 'in progress' or 'completed'.