Cashing in your Bonus Bonds

Cashing in your Bonus Bonds is easy.

You can do this:

  • Online through MyBonusBonds, or
  • By completing a Bonus Bonds Redemption Request Form at an ANZ branch (you'll need to show appropriate identification to verify your identity and signature).

Bonus Bonds purchased within the last 4 business days can't be cashed in via MyBonusBonds - you'll need to come into an ANZ branch.

How long does it take through MyBonusBonds?

If you make a cash in request through MyBonusBonds before 7pm on a business day, you'll normally receive payment the next day (for example, if you submit your request on Monday before 7pm you'll normally receive payment on Tuesday). For requests after 7pm or on weekends or public holidays, add an extra business day.

How long does it take at an ANZ branch?

If you make a cash in request at an ANZ branch, you'll normally receive payment within five working days.

How will you receive payment?

From 8 August, if you cash in Bonus Bonds payment by cheque will no longer be an option and we will direct credit the funds to your bank account. We’ll continue to let you know when the payment has been made.

If you’ve previously received prizes by cheque, any prizes you may win from the September prize draw will be reinvested back into more Bonus Bonds and we will send you a certificate. If you prefer, you can choose to have any prizes you may win automatically direct credited to your bank account. You can do so by providing your bank account number. To do this view the different options available.

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