Need to find some long-lost Bonus Bonds?

Since Bonus Bonds started in 1970, many New Zealanders bought them as gifts for relatives or friends. You might have been given some, only to lose track of them over the years.

The Bonus Bonds scheme is winding up, therefore now's a great time to reconnect with your long-lost Bonus Bonds to ensure you get paid out what you’re entitled to.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Try and locate any documents relating to your old Bonus Bonds - for example an old Bonus Bonds certificate or bondholder card. These will contain either a Bondholder Number or Serial Number, this will help us find your Bonus Bonds. See here for examples.
  • Think about old residential addresses or previous names you might have had, such as a maiden name - this will be useful information to successfully locate your Bonus Bonds.

You can then either:

  • call our contact centre team Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm NZT on 0800 266 374 or + 64 3 474 1299 from outside of NZ (charges may apply) and we’ll let you know what information we need from you and how you can provide this; or
  • if you have enough information to complete either the domestic or international form, go to our Forms page.

If the Bonus Bonds Register no longer contains information on you, this is likely to be because at some point in the 50-year history of Bonus Bonds, your Bonds were cashed in, or the information you have provided does not correspond with the information held in the Register.