Your questions answered

You may have a number of questions following the changes announced around the Bonus Bonds scheme, so we’ve provided the following FAQs to help answer these.

  • Expand/collapse listPayments to bondholders
    • Expand/collapse listWho will receive payment, how much will they receive and when can they expect to receive it?
    • Expand/collapse listWill you give bondholders their money early if they can demonstrate hardship?
    • Expand/collapse listHow will you pay me when the wind up has been completed and will I get paid out all in one payment?
    • Expand/collapse listI bought Bonus Bonds as a gift. Who will receive the funds when the Scheme is wound up?
    • Expand/collapse listCan I donate my proceeds to a charity if the costs of transferring the proceeds overseas is more than or close to what I am entitled to?
    • Expand/collapse listCan I get paid out in cash or cheque?
    • Expand/collapse listMy child has Bonus Bonds, how do I ensure they receive their money when the Scheme is wound up?
      Please note that that when the child turns 15, they will automatically receive operating authority and may provide us with different instructions
    • Expand/collapse listDo bondholders need to pay tax on their distributions?