Your questions answered

You may have a number of questions following the changes announced around the Bonus Bonds scheme, so we’ve provided the following FAQs to help answer these.

  • Expand/collapse listManaging your Bonus Bonds
    • Expand/collapse listWith Bonus Bonds in wind-up, can I continue to use MyBonusBonds?
    • Expand/collapse listI’m an ANZ customer, will I continue to be able to access my Bonus Bonds details in ANZ goMoney, Internet Banking and Phone Banking?
    • Expand/collapse listHow do I find out my balance, or if I have any existing Bonus Bonds?
    • Expand/collapse listHow can I change my address?
    • Expand/collapse listHow do I provide a bank account for receipt of payment for my children's bondholding?
    • Expand/collapse listI’m not an ANZ customer, what ID you require from me?