Your questions answered

You may have a number of questions following the changes announced around the Bonus Bonds scheme, so we’ve provided the following FAQs to help answer these.

  • Expand/collapse listPayments to bondholders
    • Expand/collapse listCan I give you my account details now?
    • Expand/collapse listWill I receive payment as soon as I give my account details for payment?
    • Expand/collapse listWho will receive payment, how much will they receive and when can they expect to receive it?
    • Expand/collapse listWill you give bondholders their money early if they can demonstrate hardship?
    • Expand/collapse listHow will you pay me when the wind up has been completed and will I get paid out all in one payment?
    • Expand/collapse listI bought Bonus Bonds as a gift. Who will receive the funds when the Scheme is wound up?
    • Expand/collapse listCan I donate my proceeds to a charity?
    • Expand/collapse listCan I get paid out in cash or cheque?
    • Expand/collapse listMy child has Bonus Bonds, how do I ensure they receive their money when the Scheme is wound up?
    • Expand/collapse listDo bondholders need to pay tax on their distributions?
    • Expand/collapse listI can’t find the details of my bondholding (e.g. Bonus Bonds certificate), can I still provide my payment instructions?