Register for MyBonusBonds

To use MyBonusBonds for the first time simply follow this two-step process:

Step one: Register

Registering for MyBonusBonds is easy - simply provide some personal information and choose a password. You'll then be given an Access Number that you'll need to activate the service. This Access Number will also be needed (along with your chosen password) to log on to MyBonusBonds.

During registration you'll be asked to complete a direct debit authority selecting a bank account as your funding and redemption account for MyBonusBonds. You can complete this authority online during the registration process, or via a paper-based form that we'll email to you when your registration is complete.

If you don't wish to complete this direct debit authority, you have the option to choose 'View only' access. If you do so, you'll be able to check your balance, see any prizes that you have won and send us secure emails. You will not be able to cash in via MyBonusBonds.

Step two: Activate

Once you've registered we'll email you the steps you'll need to take to activate your MyBonusBonds registration. This is a security procedure to ensure only you can access your account.

Once your MyBonusBonds registration has been activated we'll send you a confirmation email. Then you'll be able to check your balance, view your prize winnings and much more.