What are Bonus Bonds?

What is a Bonus Bond?

A Bonus Bond is a unit in the scheme.

Each eligible Bonus Bond you hold gives you one entry into the monthly prize draw. In order for your Bonus Bond to be eligible, you must hold it for at least one calendar month. For example, if you buy a Bonus Bond in March, that Bonus Bond won't be in the monthly prize draw in April, but it will be in any monthly prize draws from the first day of May onwards.

What is the scheme?

The scheme is a managed investment scheme. Your money is pooled with other bondholders' money and invested in fixed interest assets and cash and cash equivalents.

Instead of earning interest or receiving returns, each eligible Bonus Bond you hold gives you one entry into the monthly prize draws.

How much does a Bonus Bond cost?

Each Bonus Bond costs $1.

Who can buy Bonus Bonds?

Any person can buy Bonus Bonds for themselves or jointly with other people.

Companies, incorporated clubs and societies, and trusts can’t buy Bonus Bonds unless they were a Bondholder on 13 September 2013 and still hold Bonus Bonds.

How do you buy Bonus Bonds?

The first time you buy Bonus Bonds, you need to visit an ANZ branch.

You can buy additional Bonus Bonds for yourself and others:

  • online at MyBonusBonds
  • at any ANZ branch
  • by automatic payment or bill payment.

What is the minimum investment?

You must invest a minimum amount of $20 each time.

We can change the minimum amount at any time.

What is the maximum investment?

There is no maximum investment. You can invest as much as you like into the scheme.

Date the offer opens and closes?

The scheme is first offered under the product disclosure statement on 28 November 2016.

The scheme is scheduled to be wound up on 16 September 2070; however, we expect to continue offering Bonus Bonds after this date.

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