Winning with Bonus Bonds

Each eligible Bonus Bond you hold gives you one entry into the monthly prize draw.

Prize draws are every month

Prize draws are held on the first business day of every month, with results announced on the second Tuesday of each month on

A Bonus Bond is only eligible to be included in the prize draw after you have owned it for at least one calendar month. For example, if you buy a Bonus Bond in March, that Bonus Bond won't be in the monthly prize draw in April, but it will be in any monthly prize draws from the first day of May onwards.

A Bonus Bond remains eligible to win prizes in every monthly draw until it is cashed-in.

How draws are made

We select the prize winning Bonus Bonds at random, and all eligible Bonus Bonds have an equal chance of winning. The first eligible Bonus Bond selected wins the first prize, the second eligible Bonus Bond selected wins the second prize, and so on, down to the last prize.

Prizes are paid from the prize pool

The prizes are paid out of the prize pool. We determine the size of the prize pool, taking into consideration realised and unrealised returns from investments, fees, expenses and tax. We also ensure that there is a sufficient level of reserves.

We determine the size of the prize pool for a calendar month shortly after the end of each month. We've got no obligation to distribute all of the income in prizes.

The number of prizes depends on the size of the pool

We decide how many prizes of each size are in each prize pool, as long as we have the minimum number of prizes listed below.

Up to the first $2,500,000 of the prize pool, there must be at least:

  • one prize of $1,000,000
  • one prize of $100,000
  • one prize of $50,000

For each remaining complete $100,000, there must be at least:

  • one prize of $5,000
  • one prize of $500
  • one prize of $100
  • 100 prizes of $50
  • 3,050 prizes of $20

For each remaining complete $10,000, there must be at least:

  • one prize of $500
  • one prize of $100
  • 20 prizes of $50
  • 375 prizes of $20

When less than $10,000 is left in the prize pool, we divide the remaining amount into $500 prizes until less than $500 is left. We divide the rest into $20 prizes until less than $20 is left.

The prize structure can be changed, however would require authorisation by the Governor General.

Your odds of winning a prize

For most prize draws over the next year, we expect that the chance of any Bonus Bond winning a prize will range between 1 in 35,000 to 1 in 78,000. The governing document requires us to manage the prize pool so that your chances of winning a prize are no better than 1 in 9,600.

How prizes are paid

If you win a prize, we’ll either email or write to you and then:

  • pay the prize in cash to the bank account you’ve given us (we’ll only pay into one account), or
  • issue extra Bonus Bonds instead of paying a cash prize if:
    • you’ve asked us to do so
    • you’ve not met our identification or other legal requirements
    • your nominated bank account is incorrect or no longer open
    • we’ve sent you a cheque, based on instructions you’ve given to us in the past, and you haven’t cashed it in.

We make every effort to contact you if you've won a major prize ($50,000 and over). If your name, address or bank account changes, you must let us know so that we can update the register.

If you’ve previously chosen to receive payment by cheque, any prizes you may win from the September prize draw will be reinvested back into more Bonus Bonds and we will send you a certificate. If you prefer, you can choose to have any prizes you may win automatically direct credited to your bank account. You can do so by providing your bank account number.